Rarest of the rare


This one is on any rare bike list. Me and a Puch twin carb 250. No, it wasn't mine. A frens.



I recognize some of those, I always wanted one of those CanAm's, then the PE, TS or IT.  I saw somone with an IT175 in the back of their truck for sale, I was shot back to the early 80s!  I'll fess up, the first bike I had was a 76' Maico 250 with the coffin tank.  It was a mess, I bought it from a guy at the auto parts store I worked at and it just never ran right.  Thinking back it was most likely not that tough to  fix but I knew nothing about bikes, riding let alone fixing them.  I barely rode it because it barely ran, it sat at our house and when it was sold and had no time to move I had no time to deal with it in any way nor any interest since it didn't run, it's horrible but I left it at the gate of a salvage yard; stupidity of youth.


Years later I had an xr250r, and that was really fun and rode all over the place.  I can't recall why we stopped riding back then but it just kind of ended, I sold it and I guess fast forward thirty odd years and I'm having a blast agian.

Cool site. Thanks for the post. I've never heard of most of those.


My brother had a Carabela. It was ...unusual. :huh:

Good website.  I owned and raced several of those less rare bikes, i.e., '63 Maico 250,  '68 Bultaco Bandido 360, '68? CZ 360, '69? CZ 125.


I built the second Cheney frame in the US.  I sent around $300.00 to Eric Cheney in England and he shipped me a beautiful frame, similar to the Metisse.  I put my '64 Triumph 500 desert sled motor in the Cheney frame with Ceriani (cherry ah knee) forks, Honda front wheel, and akront rims.  Later traded it for the Bandido.


The other stuff in this old photo is my '63 LeMans that I put a 327 Chevy and conventional running gear in.  The Pontiac originally had a 326 V8 with a trans axle and no bell housing hump in the floor.  Low 13's, low 100's.



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This is as exotic / rare as I ever got.  68-69 Montesa Capra 250.  Loved that bike.  Rode the wheels off of it.  Ended up giving it away.  Really regret that now.


The #1 thing I remember - that $#@%^^#@# Bing carb.  If you went down, you were scrambling on your belly, all fours, whatever it took to turn off your gas or it would pour gas into the jug and you would foul a plug.  Always carried 2-3 fresh plugs on any ride.  I guess that's why I learned not to fall off....   :lol:  My how smokers have changed.  That thing would climb anything.



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