125 clutch sticking together ?

If i dont ride my bike every day the clutch plates will stick together.. ex. I ride my bike one day, 3days later i try to ride it again the clutch wont engauge soo i take the oil top of and use a flathead to pull the plates part i do that until the clutch plates move again ..??

What wrong with the clutch? ???????

And the oil is new same oil i all ways us

Have you thought about pulling it out and taking a look? It really doesn't take long, and new plates aren't much if you just want to put in fresh p,ates and be done with it. The basket could be grooved but that likely isn't why they stick together. What year, model bike do you have and what oil do you use?

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05 125 sx ,transoil gear 10w 40.. it shifts and takes of smooth

I was having a similar problem and it turned out my discs/steels were warped. To check this take the clutch apart and thoroughly clean and dry the discs, then stack them together and hold them up to a light. If you can see light in between the discs then are warped and should be replaced

Your clutch basket or inner hub could be a bit notched too. To a certain extent you can file out these notches. But, some bikes clutches stick when they're cold.

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