1997 XR80R flooding

I have been fighting with this bike for a while now. New jets (stock sizing), float & needle. I have tried float height from spec 21.5mm to 23mm with no difference. It keeps pissing gass out the air box.


When carb turned upside down, float needle cuts off air flow.


Bike will satart if I allwow the carb to fill up. And I can keep it running if I mess with fuel the shut-off valve. I have also checked for air leaks aroundteh intake and there are none.



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Hey what's up dude? Small world yeah?


Sorry I don't have any advice for you, just wanted to say Hi.

Hello there. Stupid hondas.

took the carb off again today to make sure everything is working properly. Hooked it up to the fuel line and let the fuel flow. the float seat works fine. Put the bowl back on and the same, no overflow. Put the carb back on the bike and it started and worked perfectly. Until I turned it off for 15 minutes, then it started acting up again.


So there must be something catching the float adn makig it stick open.




float needles are small and hard to check even a new one could b bad... are you sure youre float floats,, nothing in it.. if youre float is good and needle good and needle seat good then your measurment bad probably the float fills up or is set to close to full or your seats dirty

So I think I might have found out what teh problem is. As noted I purchased a new float a well as a float seat. So this eveing i was back at it trying to adjust the new float as the factory specs aer not working.


As I was looking at the float it finaly dawned on me that it did not look like the one I replaced. teh one I purchased, which is supposed ot be correct, has flat outer sides. The one I replaced has conical outer surfaces.


The attatched photo is what I purchased Both sides flat. Mine looks like the side I have penned in an arc. Could someone verify whcih is correct.




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Some minor success this evening. I took the carb apart again this evening. And set my efforts on eliminating the float seat as the problem.


Once i was done there i set the new float a 22mm. and put the float bowl back on. I then hooked the carb up to a fuel source to make sure it was not overflowing. everything looked good.


I put the carb back on the bike and attached the throttle. The bike actually started 4th kick but woudl not rev past idle as if it was starving for fuel (maybe). It was definitely bogging just rolling on the throttle. I adjusted the air srew and if I babied it I could get it to rev. I took it for a ride up the road and it seamed to run ok. not great but ok then it stalled. I finally got it started back up but it still only wanted to idle.


I took the carb back off and set the float to 21.5mm (factory). This time when I hooked it up to a fuel source fuel came up out of the needle jet. I then put it back on the bike and hooked the throtle back up. Now it wont even idle. I can get it started but have to keep messing with the throttle and choke to keep it running.

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Problem solved.

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