94 WR250.....maybe

Just bought a WR250 that the seller did not know the year of (dirt bikes are not titled in NC).  It has to be in the mid-90ies as it's a two stroke.  Can someone give me a web site that based on the vin will give me the year and all the bike specs?


Bike is in generally good condition.  I'm sure I'm in for a pretty big rebuild bill as it has sucked something into the cylinder and scored the piston and cylinder. 


Couple of questions:  Is this cylinder going to be the same as a YZ or being that old is it more like an IT?  Have not seen many on Ebay so guess I will probably have to bore and sleeve it, or should I look at boring and sealing it with an oversized piston?


Thanks in advance.



The WR-250Z was basically the off-road version of the YZ-250 of the time.

The IT-250 was long gone by that point.


Does the bike have a 17-digit VIN stamped in to the neck of the frame?

If so, what's the 10th digit?

That digit tells the model year.


With a model code of 4JW, I'm guessing 1994-1996 (I read a similar post on another message board that I assume is yours).

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