HELP! Where Does This Spring Go In Clutch Case?!?!?!

hey all, i recently removed the clutch cover from my 2001 rm80 and a spring, (possibly number 9 in schematic posted below), fell out but i do not know where it came from... i dont want to put it back together without it done properly. i have been working on this bike for 2 months now and i totally got conned when i purchased this machine. i overpaid like you wouldn't believe and still havnt gotten a chance to ride it. im not sure if the spring goes anywhere to the governor assy, exhaust valve or just simply goes around the center of the rack, (number 13 in schematic i posted below). any help would be appreciated, i just want to get this thing running and get out there with my buddies.


and also i did not take apart anything inside, i simply replaced the governor assy, exhaust valve and the water pump seals. it needs to belong somewhere so easy to find but i just can't figure it out... ive stared at it for hours

The particular parts diagram that your referring to didn't come up, just the RMATV schematic home page. A photo of the spring with something to compare to for size would help a lot. 

The #9 spring in the clutch diagram is a return spring. It's a pretty heavy spring and obvious as to what it is. Also for this to be loose in the cover there would probably be a bolt banging around too. Look at your clutch to see if one is missing. There are 2 springs in the exhaust valve, also look to see if one is missing according to the parts diagram. Really need a picture of your spring though.

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1381548073.071853.jpg
ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1381548464.269534.jpg

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1381551300.827388.jpg

Left spring goes in clutch but where does the right one go?! So lost

Well, I'm stumped too. It doesn't show on any of the parts diagrams and I'm not familiar with the RM80 itself, so no real help. If you haven't already, post this (including the picture) down in the 'Zuk 2 stroke section and I bet you'll get better results in finding the identity of your spring. :thumbsup:

To me that looks like a clutch spring (not shown in the parts diagram) should be 5 or 6 of them total, maybe the last time the pressure plate was removed a spring fell out when it was being bolted together and went unnoticed (or it was on that was being replaced). Just a guess though.

Here is a picture of one from a kx 65;


Well thank you for your input guys but I actually removed all 5 screws from the clutch plates and all the springs were there. What damage could happen if I just start the bike up without that spring being in place? (If it actually even belongs in the bike to begin with)

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