hey guys as the name states i recently jus bought a 05 450r and at first my only issue was starting it... got lucky a few days ago and got it started and running about twice then i noticed my site grass was white and  and there was a creamy residue with water comin out with water  in it bear in my i did put a bottle of water instead of coolant and found the same creamy residue in the airbox......i think i  might be in over my head

You have either a blown head gasket (which would make the exhaust smell sweet) or a blown water pump seal.\

More likely the seal, because your water went into the engine, and then overflowed into the airbox via the valve cover vent.

Time to do some serious maintenance on the motor.

NEVER put plain water in ANY radiator. It will destroy it, eventually.

If you are serious about keeping this bike alive, you need to purchase a service manual....or take it to a reputable mechanic. 

The water pump is the most likely the problem. Corrosion from poor cooling system maintenance is the number one cause of wpump failures. Get a manual and take the wpump apart. Look for seal, bearing and shaft damage. Good luck

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