Crashed my DRZ pretty good the other day and have a question

Ran off the road into a rock pile the other day.  I saw the damage that stood out right away but didn't see the rest until the bike was at my home. 

Anyways, I found cracks in my ignition cover and oil leaked out.  The next day the puddle was really large and now I have no clue how much oil I have lost and am afraid to start it to warm it up to check.  Im not positive if I lost oil after I crashed.  I looked for leaks after I pulled it out of a deep ditch but didn't see any at the time and rode the final half mile to work. 


My question is, from what I have read you need the bike warmed up to change the oil.  If I drain it cold, will I be able to get all the oil out of it, that is if there is any left?  Lets say I pull the drain plug and let it drain for a couple days, will it all drain out?



Yeah , just drain it cold .

2 x drain plugs + oil filter .

Pour in 1700 ml and start it , then check it .

ideally, yes you would warm the motor up abit and drain the oil, but in your case just pull the plugs. The oil will still drain, just not as fast or complete as it would if it was warmed up but it will still drain out.

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