kick start frozen.

So I did a valve adjustment on my 05rmz450 and when i kicked it over to start it fired then died. the kick starter after that froze and i cant even budge it when i kick it. I turned over the crank and it moved freely for 1 full rotation on the cam but froze at the end of the rotation forwards and went backwards one rotation and froze.  Anyone have an idea what it could be?

Sounds like your timing chain jumped a tooth or two. 

Did you ever figure it out same problem with my 06

it ended up being the top rectangular piece of the timing tensioner, I believe it acts as just a guide. Dont exactly know what its called but it sticks to the valvecover.. Anyways it mustve fell off and it ended up twisting around the lower cam chain gear which kept it from turning over. Ended up needing to buy that piece and a new timing chain and the bikes been flawless since.

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I'll check it and see if it's that or my timing jumped and the piston is on the head not letting go threw the rest of the stoke hopefully it didn't lock up I don't think it did cause it kicked over a little bit the seized and it was tuning good the day before

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