CR 125 - mixing a 85 with 86 engine

Hi friends.


I Rebuild a 1985 Honda 125.

I built the engine with 86 and 85 parts together. the all bottom end is 86. the cylinder is 85. with this i don't have any problem.

But every moment I have something else that does not fit. Every year Honda changed almost every part of in the motorcycle. Unbelievable.

Now I'm stuck with the water pump shaft. the clutch cover i use is form 85. I had to make a 3 mm spacer to keep it away from the clutch.

But the problem now is with the water pump impeller shaft. i'am not sure what year he belong. 85 or 86. it seems that he doesn't fit well in the 86 engine. when i'am put the clutch cover on the case, the motor not rotating. the impeller shaft that i have do the problem. Now I do not know whether the impeller shaft I have bong to 85 or 86 model.



Can anyone help me on this?



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