Hi guys 


I need some help trying to get a part number or even proper name for a part I need for a CRF250R engine rebuild that I'm doing, yes it would be better if i looked on the part itself but I misplaced it after I took it out.

it a bearing that sits in the left crankcase just in front of the final drive i have uploaded a picture. please can some help me out. 

here is the picture.

for BTO.jpg

I had a look and this is what I came up with. I used a 2008 as a year. 






I got the info off MRCycles.com they have a good set of parts diagrams. 

The shell bearing is the one below that one, that went in no problem, I asked BTO as well they got back to me with the 91006-KRN-A01      OEM hondadb CRF250R BEARING (17X38X10).  thank so much tho

WHoah, when you stood up you looked fine. It didn't look like you were in pain. But man, you were lucky though. I'm surprised about how calmly you acted in that situation. I just broke a cheek bone and need a tooth root canal done etc. Knocked myself out for over 5 minutes. I was in hospital for 5 days. It was only riding my fathers bicycle lol. The bike snapped in half haha. I'm completely fine now but you were lucky though. Could have been worse. Happy riding :D

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