Black frame / swing arm etc or stock


My bike is all striped for a full winter rebuild

Was going to get the full chassis done satin black but now or some reason don't know weather just to do the frame

Other thought was a silver / chrome frame to match swing arm etc

What guys do you think

Cheers Luke

Chrome frame. , with gold rims <3

I'm also planning on doing the frame, subframe, swing arm and triple clamps in black.

If you do it first, let me know know how it came out  :thinking:

Interesting that this topic gets posted, I just pulled off my subframe last night and am in the process of getting the swingarm off if I can ever get the damn pivot bolt out. I'm not ready to powder coat yet so right now I'm just hitting it with plasti dip, I figure worst case I'm out 5 bucks and just peel it off

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