Spongy brakes after bike sits?

Hey, I'm a newbe and I've had my 07 exc 450 since '08 and every time the bike has to sit a bit the front brakes are spongy to gone completely? They have always come back after riding a little bit, but I'm not able to have this luck lately? And it makes no since to me why this would work like this? I opened the reservoir, squeezed the lever, opened the bleeder until fluid came out, closed bleeder while fluid was coming out, placed the cover back on the reservoir and still no front brakes?

Can anyone tell me what I need to do?


Needs a master cylinder rebuild. Mine was like that. New plunger kit and it has been fine since

Mine I'd the same thing. 05 MXC 450. Rebuilt the MC, replaced front brake line, and so on. Turns out what made the most difference was to drill an extra hole in the Bango bolt on the MC. Take a syringe and push fluid up from the caliper. The hole in the bango was holding air, extra hole gets it out. Lots of theory's on this subject, this is what worked for me. Good luck.

Is your brake fluid dark, or mostly clear?

After the ride when the brake is working fine then use a rubber band to hold the brake on until you use it next


This works until you get to rebuild the master cyclinder

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I forgot about this post. Cool, thanks all!

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