600$ 2006 kx 85

Should I buy a 2006 kx 85 for 600$, its gonna need a top and bottom end soon. It is in desent shape and gonna need new plastics. Thanks.

At 15 years old you should be riding a KX125

Depends, How much time and money do you have? It would probably be $500-$1000 at a minimum for the work you mention. Can you do it yourself? do you have tools and know how? Will there be more you want or need to fix as you go on? Can you get your money out of it come time to sell? Like Blackwoodz says, at age 15, are you going to put a bunch of cash and time in on an 85, only to outgrow it in 6 months? You may be better off checking out something bigger. Its hard to think ahead a bit at 15, but you should consider long term fun for the dollar and factor the rest in for your situation. Good Luck!

I would buy it to fix it up and sell it, I already have a bigger bike. And yes I have the tools and know how to do it.

 The amount of money and time you put in on it may not net you a lot of cash, but it would definitely be worth the education you'll get. Never stop learning.

Ok, thank you very much

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