Ok folks, I have a great 01 YZ426f that I would be interested in selling. I live in Anderson SC and bought my 426 to ride with my 8 year old son. He has a school mate that has a farm with about 40 acres and invited my son and I to come over every so often to ride in the pasture. I never rode motocross or even trail before. We (my son and I) have not been riding in the Past 4 months until yesterday. We drove to a location that had some open trails and hills to climb and my son just is not that interested in riding, At least not enough to justify me owning a $5000 mx bike. My bike has never been raced,jumped or crashed and is just to nice to leave sitting in the garage. I would like to sell it for $4350 and would be glad to send some pictures if you email me at logg_63@yahoo.com . I live in South Carolina and my bike is in exceptional condition. Thanks for this great site as this is the reason I own a 426 in the first place....what a monster :)

log, hey man how are you I talked to you on the phone, i have the cr, how are you, I lost your phone number I would apreciate it if you could call me I am still interested thanks alot

Forgive me....Just wanted to move this up


I'm interested. Check your email.

Bump! :)

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