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installing triple clamps 09

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Hey guys im posting from my phone so bear with me if theres typos,

I was trying to install a set of rg3 triple clamps last night on my 09 yz250f. The lower clamp was just not going up enough the tabs on the bottom clamp werent reaching and hitting the part on the front of the frame the steering stops i think they are called. Im following the manual and how they came apart but obviously i am missing something.

I even gave up on the rg3s after a hour of fiddling went to reinstall the stock clamps and same problem so its obvious im not doing something right.

It must have something to do with the sleeve that the lower bearing fits into is my guess.

I even cranked on the lower steering nut that you need a spanner type wrench for to try get every thing to settle with no luck.

Help please! Has to be something dumb

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