My KX250F Thread

Bought This guy last april. It is a 2005 that was very clean, had original plastics and tires that had plenty of tread still. Guy wanted a fishing boat, so I got the great deal passed on to me. The whole season was spent riding and learning the bike. Now that I ordered a whole list of parts Im  doing the big maintenance on it. Recap, this is what I bought.

 2005 KX250F Monster Energy Kit

 47T Rear Steel Sprocket

 13T Front Steel Sprocket

 520 VTX DID chain

 Disc Brake Cover

 Exhaust heat shield

 Moose Racing Front Shock Covers

 Green Radiator Hoses

 Mx51 Front Tire (80/100 - 21)

 Mx51 Rear Tire (110/90-19)

 MSR HD tubes

 Right Front foot peg

 Leath GPX club 3 Neck brace

 3 pack tire spoons

 Maxima Pro air filter



Spent a pretty penny , but maintenance is haft the sport. Going to open the top end and check a couple things, and make sure shes tight before I put her away for the season. (after I winterize of course).






Cheers. Ill keep this thread updated.

What tools are needed to check the valve clearances? 

Also, Is there a reason why my forks are not "gold" coloured? I've checked the numbers on my bike and its definitely a 2005, but whenever I google it, I can never find a picture that does not have gold forks. And is their an approximate number of hours before your engine needs a rebuild?



Parts are In! Just waiting on the sticker kit. 

Should I replace the front clip that holds the sprocket on?



Thanks, they have been working pretty well for me, but I find that coming down off a big jump, they get a little wonky.. 


Ive been dreading doing my wheels/tires since I placed my shipment. The fact that everyone complaints about how much a Pita it is really makes it hard to want to do it. Managed to get the front and rear wheels off the rim, then I brought it into the shop to put them on. I can understand how they charge 40 bucks per tire to put em on, I truly never want to have to go through this process again.


Apart from that big headache the rest of the bike is coming along great. I am really happy with the turnout of the hoses' and the front fork boots. Plus they add a little factory look to the bike as well. Just need to get the tires back so I can finish with the chain, and sprockets. 

You already have a 3 pack of spoons, you have what you need to remove and install tires pretty easy with some practice. There are some really good videos on YouTube showing the process... Basically starting with all three in the same spot, peeling the tire over the lip of the rim, as you do slide the end of the spoon under the sprocket or rotor to hold them in place, then pull out the spoon in the middle of the three and make your way around the tire, repeating the process.

Make sure you break the bead of the tire first and use soapy water or something as a lubricant goes a long way. The most important thing is to push in with your knee on the opposite end of the tire your peeling off. It also helps to let the tires heat in the sun beforehand.

Sorry for the rambling but you can save yourself a lot of money in tire changes every season once you learn the process.

I tried, and gave up. Ended up [paying an arm and a leg for them too..

I thought your not susposed to put a 110/90-19 on a 250f. The wheel is too small and the tire will ballon somewhat your susposed to put a 110/80-19 if I'm correct

Sweet. look forward to the rest of the build. I don't take the time to ever take pictures. but I will take a few when I get my bike back together.



What tools are needed to check the valve clearances? 


Feeler gauges.

If your bike starts getting hard to start, set the bike to TDC (top dead center) and check each valve for clearance. see this thread for threads on it

Got her all stickered up!


Im not going to bother opening the engine case. After speaking with a  couple mechanic buddies they said if it starts without problems and holds a nice idle then not to bother. Because Im most likely to KucF something up.


nice thread I personnaly own a rmz 250 2004 (such the same bike as you) and im into a good rebuild too!

I tried, and gave up. Ended up [paying an arm and a leg for them too..

Ive had the mx-51's on until they wore down. They were a little pita to mount but after a lot of patience, it was on! Now im trying out the ms2's and let me tell ya, these make the mx-51 mounting look easy. These took me about twice the time to mount.

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