bottom end of 09 450 gets hot

Today while out on the track i seized my crank but for months now ive noticed that the bottom of the engine gets real hot. Hotter than you could touch with your hand. Is this normal for this model or have i got some sort of issue here?


Once i stripped it down i managed to free the crank pretty easily probably because it had cooled but i can still feel a sticky spot when turning it so it needs a new rod. Im just wondering if the excess heat could have caused this or did the crank just decide to call it a day.

If your not sure what might be wrong here then no problem, ive got to strip it right down anyway. what im wondering though is if this is a problem? Does anyone elses bottom end get too hot to touch? Or is that normal.




All things equal the case will get as hot as the oil inside which could be as high as 100c that could go up with abuse . I would say that would be pretty hot to the touch.

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