Rm 250 bottom end.

So I recently rebuilt my 2004 rm 250 completely. We out a new hot rods bottom end in it, we sent the cylinder off and had it done. We broken the bike in and the bike now has exactly 5.0 hours. Today out of no where the shifting on it completely went out of wack. It won't go passed 3rd gear, neutral is a tiny little gear and hard to find. Please if anyone can help me out with this bike and what might be the problem.

I'd pull the clutch off and make sure that all the gearchange linkage is in place correctly, it certainly won't be the first time that parts of this have come undone just after a rebuild, especially the 2 countersunk phillips screws.

agreed.  Loctite those screws

Thank you! Good luck on the 2 Phillips screws, I took the clutch apart and the 2 screws were barely finger tight, I put some lock tight on them and put it back together and I have all 5 gears back together!!! Thank you!:D


Ummm yes loctite those screws, found out the hard way on the 125.


Yes those are the to, sorry to hear that!

Lesson here was I should have checked this while motor was still in frame and not on the bench!!

Yeah I am really glad that's all it was! Hope you get yours pry back in soon!

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