I am checking out the Forum and there is an advertisement for the FMF SNAP. It seem like an interesting product, similar to the "Power Now" products I have used on my other bikes. The cost is $90. It seems to be a little pricy. I know FMF has to recover some R&D cost, but like all of their products, they have a high price point. Why can't they sell these items for half that and sell 10 times more. I have some machining skills and most likely can make a "Very Similar" product for personal use. My questions are: Has anyone purchased the SNAP. Do you think it works? What are the specs for a 2013 KTM 500 EXC.

I bought one for my 2013 model and it worked okay. Makes throttle response even more responsive and crisp while adding a little more power down low and a tiny bit in the mid power. Nothing major but def. noticeable. It only takes a few seconds to install so that's a plus. I sold my 2013 model so if your interested in purchasing a like new in box snap let know :smirk:

Big thread on this in general dirt bike forum.

Yeah, I saw the thread after I wrote mine. I hate the search engine on this forum. My Bad.

After reading the thread, I don't think it is worth the money. My original thoughts were confirmed...

Buy a JD tuner..... Kill two birds with one stone!

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