2001 yz250 suitable for motocross racing?

2001 yz250 suitable for motocross racing or not?

2001 yz250 suitable for motocross racing or not?

sure is. Only difference from them and the newest ones are the newers have SSS suspension, if u set yours up then it's the same .


Can I tune the suspension myself? And thank you

I was told this bike is only good for off roading and not racing. But I would think this bike is nowhere set up for off roading haha. Just need to stop listening to people like this

that's what factory teams were using in 01... yes, it's fine for motocross.

Make sense to me

Not trying to be a jerk but  obviously your not a pro racer or you probably wouldn't be riding a '01 bike. Make sure the bike is mechanically sound and tight then go racing. Change stuff as you need too and have fun. That's what its all about anyways not what year/ model bike your on. Besides its a hoot beating the guys on their newer rides.

2001 yz250 suitable for motocross racing or not?

The '01 chassis is a fantastic bike, and i'm guessing your contemplating entering the sport of MX club racing ? GO FOR IT ! The novice ranks are all about learning, making friends, and accumulating advancement points. You will be at no less of an advantage over a C rider on a 2010 YZ250 . Make sure your bike is 100% top condition, if you have some cash, send the suspension off to be re-valved and sprung to match your ability, and just go out and have fun !

The yz250 is made for motocross in stock forum. It takes some work to make it a offloader. We can also get the suspension where you want it too. What's your complaint with it?

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