Riding suggestions in Eugene Area


Hi all,


I am heading up to visit a friend in Eugene next week, and looking for somewhere to ride that has a good mix of intermediate and advanced trails.  I'm an advanced rider and live in Northern Cali, ride in areas like Carnegie, Hollister, Cow Mountain, Pi Pi in the Sierras.  Intermediates are fine to warm up, but I get bored if there's nothing more challenging like some hill climbs and single track. 


We are planning to hit Shotgun Creek, which is the only area besides the dunes my friend knows.  We were thinking about driving up to Brown's Camp/Diamond Mill on Friday, but I just wanted to see if some of you local guys knew of any epic must-ride areas within 2-3 hours of Eugene.  Are some areas better at this time of year than others?


I've seen some posts about East Fork Rock and Huckleberry flats in the where to ride section.  


My concern with Brown's is traffic and and retards on quads.  


My friends are beginner/intermediate riders and want to get their confidence up and then push them a bit later in the day.


Thanks for any input you can give!


Shotgun creek used to be great riding back in the day(more than 10 years ago), it's pretty lame now though. Good luck finding anywhere else in the area

to ride, other than huckleberry flats(which isn't that great either) I don't know any other place.

The most challenging area that I know of is Diamond Mill in the Tillamook forest. A few miles west of Brown's camp on hwy 6.. There's Rockhill Rec. near Eugene. I'm going there tomorrow.

Thanks for the info guys.

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