2009 kx450 oil leak

I just recently bought a kx450, and noticed that after just a few minutes of riding, oil starts coming out of the overflow tube, and will continue to do so, until the bike is stopped, and cooled. I have tried changing the oil, and let it drain completely, before adding just below the recommended amount in the manual, just to be sure I wasnt over filling. So I am at a loss as to why it would come out of overflow, if its not overfilled. ?

It will come out of there if thers to much oil in and if your water pump or oil seal has gone or on way out they real easy to fix and cost only pennies


Is your oil filter in backwards.(rubner side attaches to outer cover)

Hope this helps


Try cleaning the filter behind the flywheel, you have to remove the LHS case cover and remove the flywheel and then remove the oil pump which is held on by 4 bolts, when you remove the pump the filter will pull out and you can clean it

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