Where to buy bearings for 1984 yz80

So I finally got the cases split on this freakin nightmare, the piston, crankshaft ect are actually in pretty dang good condition, but some how the tranny managed to rust itself out.. the rust isn't horrible, its still very usable, just need to clean it up a bit, however all the tranny bearings are totally trashed, I may be able to clean up the final drive bearing, but all the little needle bearings on the ends of the tranny, well the needles just all fell out and now on the clutch side I cant get the rest of the bearing out... I can find crank bearings, con rod bearings, wheel bearing, steering bearings and swing arm bearings everywhere, but of course the ones I need are no longer available anywhere... Any help?

If you can read the bearing numbers stamped on the bearing race, you can take those numbers to any bearing distributor, and they will be able to match them up for you.

Ya not a chance haha, I had to pull the bearings out piece by piece, well, what I could get of it, I think I'm just gonna end up gettin some used cases with the bearing in them, I can get both halves in eBay for 20 bucks

I wouldn't risk using 30 year old bearings when putting an engine back together.  If one of those used bearings takes a dive, it would easily cause more damage than the bike is worth.


If you can get at least one of the bearings out in mostly one piece, you can take it to almost any machine shop and they can get you all of the measurements for it.  Then it is just a little time and effort crossing those dimensions over to any ball bearing catalog to find some that will work.  Don't sweat the replacement bearings having any seals, you can pop those out with a small flat blade screwdriver.

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Bearing Distributors International has gotten me everything except once because it was made only for the manufacturer. My contact even called the supplier to find out why. If you have one near you they can measure it for you. Good luck

Well yes, the big bearings are all being replaced, the specific ones I'm talking about is on each end of the tranny gears there are these little needle bearings on the end, I had to remove the needles one by one, then got that flimsy metal that holds them in, the case is still lodged in their and the left side one can't be pushed out, it has to be pulled through by this tiny lip I can barely grab with pliers, I've been wrenching long enough to know not to waste my time on it because I can't get it, the only way I can think of would be to drill parts of the remaining bearing out so that it would finally loose its pressure and come out, but I can't do that, and if I could then would come trying to match it with the little pieces I have, ill just take my chances with these old ones, if they were ok in the first place I would.t bother replacing them anyways, they're not load bearing bearings so I don't see they're failure rate being to high, besides this bike is only an 80, that will be lightly ridden by my girlfriend so she can learn, Im sure it will be fine, and if it bites the dust after a little while then so be it, we got the bike for 70 bucks, we could part it out and make a profit on it at that point

Oh and what I'm getting is from a 1992 model, so its only 20 years old :) has to have at least another 10 year's in it ;)






If they are the end shaft these are them......oem. Babbitts online

That's the one.. crap, I just bought the side cases though, the guy was local and was drivin right by so I got them.. but bambits is defiantly gonna be my place of reference for parts now, I checked several other places and they didn't have that, oh well, these two end bearings feel fine, and its got a nice clean case with no broken screws in it like my other case.. and I got it all for $19, thanks guys

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