Help needed with CR250R intake boot

Ok I have a 2003 cr250r and went to pressure test today and was losing 6 psi in like 30 seconds and found my intake boot between the reeds and boot are leaking very badly.  I have a brand new gasket between the engine and reeds but the old boot which is attached to the plate is hard and the rubber o-ring apparently is not sealing correct. Is there a way to seal this up or is the only way to seal or is it just one of those things where a new boot is needed.   


I am going to order a new boot because I am sure the thing is old but the outer boot seams ok a little stiff but not horrible. soon but I want to test this and make sure all my internals are OK.  Thanks guys

Also The boot I am talking about is called the insulator.

3m black super adhesive works for a quick fix. Now the bike is leaking from the case where the reed comes together. I feared this cause I used yamabond in one spot and oem gasket everywhere else. The oem ripped here so I used yamabond apparently not a good idea but glad I pressure test this thing cause this baby would no doubt burn up.

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