YZ250 shock reassembly - where am I going wrong?

2005 YZ250 rear shock, disassembled for a minor change to the comp and rebound stacks. This is my first time inside a rear shock but there were no major challenges or surprises. Everything was very straight-forward.


So, I reassemble and bleed according to one of the many guides floating around out there (not Davej's method, but that's next), reinstall the shock back on the bike, and now:


1 - Neither the high or low speed comp adjusters make any difference whatsoever no matter how far in or out they're turned. The only compression damping seems the be via the bleed.


2 - If I run the rebound adj all the way in, the rear suspension is hard as a rock but will eventually compress. Then, it stays down. That tells me there's no shim movement whatsoever and the only place fluid is passing is through the bleed. However, I've never run the rebound all the way in before so have nothing to compare it to. This can't possibly be normal, can it?


I just disassembled the shock again and went over my work with a fine-toothed comb, and all was done properly. I'm putting it back together now and will bleed using DaveJ's method, but if anyone can shed any light on this or what I might be overlooking, I'd sure appreciate it.




closeing the rebound bleed is behaving exactly as it should.the comp adjuster changes can probably not be felt during a bench test.


sounds as if it was put together fine.


dave bleed method has always worked well for me.


the rebound bleed works both ways so it is normal for you to notice a comp increase when the rebound is screwed in.

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Sounds like it could have been a bad bleed if it wasn't damping properly. See how you go again after the next bleed. As stated above, normal action for the rebound to effect the compression. Also, assuming you were evaluating the damping while actually riding and not just by bouncing on it in the shed.

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