Rear brake pad help

Is it necessary to use the metal backing plate when replacing the rear pads with " braking" pads?


I haven't used them in the past but I am having issues with my rear brakes at the moment that I think these might solve.

I can't find a part number for the backing plate / heat shield in any fiche. The local bike shop parts guy said they don't exist and to run pad only. :scratchhead

I'm going to try a new set of pads along with some guide pin service, clean and lube.

I just installed tuck rear pads on 06 and they came with backing plates installed , fronts have no backing plate!!!

Switched to a fresh set of Renthal pads, they have a coating on the piston side pad. I assume it's similar to brake quiet goo but time will tell.

I gave up on finding backing plates but I did notice that the smaller retainer bracket was missing. Now I get the pleasure of tracking that down. Shared part across 10 years and 10 bikes yet it's not in stock anywhere. /rant

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