06' XC-W 300 inner clutch cover

I picked up my first KTM last saturday.  And i love it.  My 3rd little ride out i was about 8 mile from home and noticed coolant dripping.  Good thing it was straight down the mountain to the next town to get picked up. I located the leak on the inner clutch cover right in the front by the water pump.  Today i tryed taking it off and i'm stuck!  How do i get the cover off i removed the clutch basket and all.  i originally though it was getting stuck on the hose but i think its the powervalve linkage.  can anyone run me through this?  Also is this a reacuring problem i think i've seen it posted on here before about this leak it looks like something ate the gasket from what i can see it almost looks disolved!? 

I would need pics.. but even with that I would need to prolly be there to do the job since I haven't done this specific operation to your specific bike.  Good luck.

Removed the kick starter? Should pop off once the bolts are removed . Might need some persuasion with a rubber dead blow hammer

You need to unhook the power valve linkage and remove the little ball joint.

Thanks for the info everyone. I figured it out. It was the power valve linkage. I got it all put back together for my Sunday ride :)

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