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xr400 mikuni pumper carb boots ripping

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Been awhile since I've been on, but I dug the bike out of the garage today to ride and it was missing and popping, took apart the pumper carb to find the pumper plunger not returning very fast, clean the carb and jets and when I got it all back together I notice the boot from the carb to the air box had rips starting on the under side. They arn't through yet, this isn't what was causing the missing, it runs fine now but I'm wondering if there are boot extentions or anyway to fix this problem? If I recall I bought the carb off a member here or on ebay probably 4 years ago. As I shop for new carb boot I need to know if mine is a A or AC bike, it has to do with vin number, and the boots are different, about a $10 difference in price. My vin is jh2ne03002 Any one know the difference in boots or air boxes? Is it a california emmisions thing?


Is there any easy way to do USD fork upgrades? I know when I was on the site last (couple years ago) members were experimenting and machining out clamps to make USDs work, just wondering if anyone makes the clamps and the owner supplies the forks? Thanks.

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