Soot problem

I recently moved to the Grand Canyon, I moved here from central California and only did desert riding in jawbone canyon and I have a big problem with lots of soot coming out of the little rubber piece that seals off the head pipe and muffler and running down my muffler. I have never had this problem before. I came here with stock head pipe and muffler and now have a FMF SST head pipe and FMF Q stealth muffler. Both brand new. I have stock jetting just because it seems to actually idle much better than before. I just have no clue why there is so much soot. Please help

You should probably adjust your jetting.  The FMF site has jetting recommendations that should get you in the ball park.  A little trial and error from there should get you dialed in.

Along with the jetting adjustment you can add some high temp rtv sealant to the joint between the pipe and silencer. 

Alright we'll thanks I'll have to go on there website then. I don't think I'll be able to get it how I want it tho because I still go and ride in jawbone so I won't be able to jet it right for both.

why are ppl too easy to recommend jetting from a leak at the junction? why dont you get some red RTV and seal that joint properly!

I would but it's not only coming out of the joint it is also running down the whole muffler

Change the needle to one with a bigger base diameter, like a CGM or CGN. Then you get both better idle and less spooge. Go down one size on the pilot and then you probably can adjust for elevation on that too. Changing needle is easy as you probably know, just remove the cap om the carb, takes 3 minutes. Just a tip!

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Qstealth. theres your answer. that whats been clogging the way and accumolating the exhuast oil dripping down. also, you might need ot repack that silencer of yours.

Thank you I will do the needle and jetting. I would have thought it was the silencer also but it is a brand new silencer. Only has maybe 3 to 4 hours on it.

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