06 kx450 shock problems

I have had problems with the shock on my old kx450 for a long time now. Had it rebuild once already and now for the second time I have lost all rebound. Its all spring. So I tore into it today to see what I could find (if anything) well first off there was no nitrogen in the bladder. After an hour trying to get the cir clips out I pulled out the rod and found that there was a long piece of plastic that looked like a bushing wedged in the valve. I have no idea where it came from or how it managed to become wedged in the valve/stack. I will attempt to upload a picture of it. Any ideas what it could be?


Well, that looks like a piston band.

But your piston has an intact one installed. At least this is what I can see on the pics, right?!

Correct I thought the same thing it was the band that goes around the piston...however there is one on it. So I have no clue where it came from. Suspension was built by MB1 back in the day when I was racing it (06-07) and then the shock was rebuilt by MB1 when it broke the first time back in 08 because I was running the suspension on my 08 450. I think im going to put everything back togather and see if it works. Besides the biggest problem was the lack of nitrogen in the bladder

Well, thats very bad.

Something like that should not happen when you get your suspension to a shop like MB1.


I would give them a call...

lol, maybe they gave you your old parts back, haha

Well at this point its not a big deal. The bike has been sitting for years and I decided to fix it up so my dad ciuld ride it. Im going to clean it up and reassemble It and see what happens

Its kind of like when a doctor leaves a knife in your stomach. I think somehow they left the old band in there.

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