Best Oil, & coolant to run in a 2007 yz450f?

I just picked up a 2007 Yz450f for a steal, the bike literally has around 20 hours on it from new and has never been raced and was owned by a mechanic.     But anyway, i'm wondering what is the best Oil to run in it?  I have some YamaLube 20w50 that was recommended to me by the parts person at my local Yamaha shop but the mechanic i got the bike off told me to run something called Motor-x or Motorex, something like that, he said it is far superior to Yamalube, can anyone else back that up? or prove it wrong?


And as for coolant, which coolant should i run? i know Engine Ice is the best or close to the best but if i don't have that on hand what would be the next best choice?  I have some left-over  Prestone 50/50 (none extended life) that i used to run in my Trx450r  Is it okay to run in the bike? I trail ride 95% of the time and the other 5% i'm messing around on a friend's small scale track.




Engine ice is great for trail riding. Run it in my 09 and haven't boiled yet even in tight stuff with alot of clutch use. I am a believer in yamalube 10w40 changed frequently since the clutch wear is shared in the oil. Cheaper more often.

95% trail is what I ride too. Side note-Love my heavy flywheel and wrap around handguards.

I use Silkolene or Motul products .

There are many good products available

Amsoil & Engine Ice is all I use in all my bikes

Which ever synthetc is on sale, for oil, I stick to Mobil one or shell Rotella., I have never had clutch problems with either. 

I put Prestone 50/50 Dexcool in it last night, but i was told that that is not good enough for a 450.   Is that true? can i keep this anti freeze? or should i run out tomorrow and buy engine ice.

I would not run dex cool. Dex cool is crap in my opinion.

Dex-Cool in its truest form is not intended to be used in any cooling system that vents to the atmosphere.  All MX bikes do that.  Draw your own conclusions.


Dex-Cool oxidizes badly in the presence of the least amount of air, and the result is sludge. Good idea to avoid it entirely.  I have in fact drained it from my '96 Chevy Z-71 long, long ago, substituting a good PG coolant.  The truck has over 200K without a radiator repair.

Dex cool gummed up pretty bad in my pontiac grand prix and chevy blazer.

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