What would you expect to pay for a 2008 husqvarna sm610?

Im trying to sell mine and it seems like I have it priced in the range of similar bikes with more miles have been listed for on craigs list but ive had no luck unloading it. I have it listed for $5000 to give me a little wiggle room and I have it posted on this site.

I know the dealer is the worst place to sell a bike but I had 2 dealers tell me that theyd only give me chump change because theyd probably send it to auction when I tried to trade it in.

Heres the Ad, someone with Husky knowledge tell me if im off here....





P.S. I hope this is not interpreted the wrong way, Im not trying to double up the exposure on my advert or anything Im genuinely curious. I apologize if this is not ok. let me know and ill delete the thread.

It's a tough sale unfortunately. You can get a lot of bike for 5k. I don't think you are unreasonable but it won't be a quick sale. $3500 would sell quick. Even though its low mileage it is 6 years old now.

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