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NOZx, NAFx, and N3Yx series needles

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Hello, I'm working with the keihin PWK38 for a two stroke. Does anyone know what is different about the NOZx, NAFx, and N3Yx series needles, and how their differences would affect tuning and use? I am aware of the fourth letter designating the straight section diameter and how it affects 0 to 1/8 tuning in conjunction with the pilot and the slide. I’m also aware that the NOZx series needles are known for a rich initial taper that can make jetting 0 to ¼ throttle tricky. I can tell from measuring the NAFx needles that they have a very small tip compared to the other needles, but I’m not sure how that would affect tuning, maybe requiring a smaller main? I know nothing about the N3Yx series. These are the needles I currently have to experiment with, so any information would be greatly helpful. Thanks for any replies.

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