oil capacity of front suspension/fork

hey guys need help here on crf250l front suspension oil capacity on each,coz the other fork only got the coil spring in it showa call this S.F.F but they dont have posted the specs on how much oil should be put in,.i got a blown oil seal the dealer mechanic manage to repair it but i guess he puts too much oil, it makes my front suspension stiff,.please help.. :banghead: 2013-10-12-1054.jpg2013-10-12-1054.jpg



  658cc right, 683cc left. with spring out measure down from top, compressed, 122mm right, 38mm left. be sure to install the spring with the taper facing up (right side)

  Where you at in the Phils?



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Ru the guy from puerto princesa who also posted in honda?

Ey another guy from the phil! Im in pps palawan

Ey another guy from the phil! Im in pps palawan

Or as I like to call it, can't get there from here (PPS) I'm in Dumaguete, Negros Oriental. Nice bike eh?

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