2001 rm250

Hey guys, just bought my self an rm250 today and had a good ride on it. It does need a few things but the engine runs good. Is there anything I have to watch out for in this model bike?

And I have some sort of fluid coming out of an over flow hose on the right side of the engine, on the exhaust side, any idea what it is?

Thanks for the help.

Love the bike ATM.

Also a picture of it.

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1381653134.704047.jpg


Hi EJ, are you sure that's a 2001 bike? It looks like a newer model than that to me.

The fluid by the sound of it is just oil coming from the powervalve breather

Thanks for that. It's does look like it. It's a black fluid. Is it something to worry about?

No, nothing to worry about. Do you know when the bike had it's last topend change

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