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Gear shifting issues >> too much free play

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Hi guys, I'm having gear shifting issues with my new 2014 CRF250R.


At first it was great but at about 5hrs I clipped a crashed bike and it tore the gear lever off and bent the shaft into the motor. Ended up pushing it back to my ute and used vice-grips on the spline to get it back to neutral.


The next day I took it straight back to the dealer for them to fix it. Picked up at the end of the week and went riding. I found that it had a lot of trouble getting from 1st to 2nd. It would take several big goes to get it past neutral and into 2nd. I found a couple of times that it didn't want to upshift into other gears either. Down shifting didn't seem like a problem while riding, but running it on the stand (i.e. unloaded) it has trouble downshifting. Also, it takes several tries to get shifter to feel like its in 1st properly when you downshift all the way.


I've since noticed that there is a lot more play in the lever before it meets any spring resistance in the gearbox and I think this may be the cause of the shifting issues. I've pulled the clutch out to have a look but I don't really know what I'm looking at. I've attached 2 photos showing the free play and linked a short video here >> http://youtu.be/lqrsUN9evmA


I'm taking it back to the dealer first thing in the morning, but can you guys tell me whats going on here??





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