Looking for a 2006/7 rm250!

Why are these things so hard to find? Looking for a 06/07 in or around the northeast area. Cash in hand if anyone has, or know anyone that has one for sale!

I have one.

2005 are preety much the same bike other than graphics. Solid bikes good luck

How much are you looking to spend. I have a mint 06 rm250 rc edition with a lot of mods..

sorry guys should have posted i bought one shortly after this threa was posted

show us what you got

this was my old bike...its posted for sale in west milford nj....thing is awesome...i ride orange now cause the kid does too, but man did i love this bike! lol......susp is awesom and the eric gorr 300 kit is so smooth!


oops didnt read all the posts! lol

I have a clean 06.  It is in the middle of a rebuild right now - it will be for sale by early spring if you are still looking.

Its still mid rebuild byt got it for 2k only 20 hours on it since new ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1388805693.466167.jpg

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