Riding gear.

Its got to the season where its cold , windy , wet ! So im in search of some warm clothes etc. everyone says you cannot beat the classic black leather gear for heat and waterproof so i was going towards that way... As ill be using the drz go work and back its about 20min trips down motorways. 70mph , what do you guys wear? Im not to keen on the fabrics wont they take ages to dry unlike leather?

I always wear and have actually used protective gear. My use for leather is dry days and no off road and textiles for most rides.


For a long time there have been  sprays to waterproof textiles and theyr'e always getting better. Some textiles already come with quite a bit of weather resistance. One jacket I bought actually came with a foldup plastic jacket that actually fit over their jacket for use in wet weather.


Problem I have found with textiles is that many pants and jackets offer a good look but not much if any  body protection and it's not brand specific. It's model specific.


Another thing to think about is something that I use in bad weather....an upright windscreen. It takes some of the fun out of DRZ riding but it does keep me warm and dry in the worst of weather. It has 4 bolts and it goes on or off in five minutes.



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I bought an Icon patrol jacket. It is waterproof and high-vis yellow. It works well just don't put it in a washing machine( had one warrantied for this) There is also a pant available that i have not tried.

For commuting I use good quality synthetic clothing with Goretex or similar waterproofing. Make sure the waterproofing breaths. Some cheaper ones just use a non-breathable lining. These are miserable when the sun comes out. Good ones costs more, but the better brands have armor and will protect you in a fall. If you layer warmer clothes underneath they are good over a wide range of temperatures. I don't like the jackets that have a removable waterproof liner. Those do soak up a lot of water and take a long time to dry. 


Leather will keep you dry for a few minutes if it starts to rain, but it takes longer to dry than the synthetic suits. 

Mostly i have play motocross riding so when i have start the racing so i have wear motocross suit with all protectors. And sometime i have use leather clothes for racing. My motocross gear very comfortable and pretty good work and good cheap price.




Motocross Suit

I use dri rider jacket and pants. Both have removable liners. The keep out the weather real well

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