Rmz 450 Sputtering At Constant Throttle

I have an 06 Rmz 450 that is carbureted. I recently had the engine rebuilt and put Stage 1 Hotcams in (Intake and Exhaust). When I hold the throttle at the same RPM's, it sputters. It almost seems like its not getting enough gas but I could be wrong. This happens even when riding it. I know this is something to do with the jetting but would like some advice on how to fix it. Will adjusting the fuel screw help or will I have to go with bigger/smaller jets? Don't know what kind of carb it is, but it is stock.

More info needed.

Does the rpm matter?

Have you inspected the coil ground, plug lead, plug?

Is the gas fresh?

It does it all the way through the RPM range. Even at full throttle it will sputter. It only does it when held at the same rpm though. Yes the gas is fresh 91 octane. The wires are good but I will pull the plug and take a look. Is there something I should be looking for?

Does it do it stone cold, and also fully hot?


It does not sound like jetting, as jetting is throttle position related.


Now, if your float height was way off (too high) you could be drowning the jets.


Use your service manual to re-set the float height.

It does it cold and hot. Doesn't matter what the temp is. I do have a service manual so I will check on doing that.

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