Magura radial brake


What do you think is it fit my 2009 yamaha yz450f? Adevertiser used on 2005 yz450f.


The attachment doesn't work, but if it fits an '05, it will need work to fit an '09, whether it's for the front or the rear (you didn't say).


The front takes a different caliper bracket than the pre-'08 models, and the rear of the '09 uses a 3mm larger rear axle.

I Attached files again. Front supermoto Magura radial brake and I want to set up the rofk and.


That setup comes with an alternate lower fork lug.  You will need a suspension shop to change that out for you.

You should measure the mount to rotor distance.  There are differences in the width of the fork lugs.  Usually you can get away with using a couple washers as spacers to customize the fit.  The stock caliper is floating so it has enough movement to compensate.  The problem here is that you have a radial mount and I don't think there is any way to space it if needed.  The difference is slight and you could probably have a custom spacer made to align it properly then offset the wheel if needed to line it up.  That is all dependent if you can even mount the lug on the 09 lower.  Awesome brakes though if you can get it to work.

The wheel spacer face on the '05 and earlier lug is 1mm farther outboard of center than the '06 and later.  Not a huge problem.

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