06 YZ450 Woods Stack

Hello I have a 2006 YZ450F that I use for woods riding- enduro type riding with lots of roots and rocks. I bought a spare shock from a 2006 YZ250F to re-valve to minimize riding downtime. None of my riding areas are groomed and the fastest you can go is 4th gear. I'm 175 lbs. 6 foot tall and ride in PA typical Northeast Singletrack.

My complaint of the suspension is stiff initial travel on braking/accel bumps and rocks/roots, also stiff everywhere. I have to run my high speed comp fully out-2 turns, low speed comp basically fully out-20 turns.

Here is my measured stack and the changes someone previously made compared to the stock 06 yz250f stack


Measured Comp

9- 40.20




40.2- Silver shim       This shim is not in the stock stack

38.25-Silver shim      Stock was 38.2

36.25                         Stock was 36.2






24.25                        Stock clamp shim is 23.25 which I'm missing.


Measured Rebound

6- 36.2                      stock is 5- 36.2, so someone added 1 shim


36.2                          stock is 36.25








22.3- Silver shim     stock has two  22.25 shims- I only have one 22.3

                                stock has a 21.3 clamp shim that I'm missing.


Also I did drill the exchange stack piston holes to 3.0 mm. I also want to modify the exchange stack valving from .3 thickness to .2 as grayracer suggested in another thread.


Stock Exchange Stack
18 x 0.30 x 6
18 x 0.30 x 6
16 x 0.30 x 6
16 x 0.30 x 6
11 x 0.30 x 6
11 x 0.30 x 6
9 x 0.30 x 6


Revised Exchange stack
9 x .20
18 x .20
18 x .20
16 x .20
16 x .20
11 x .30
11 x .30
9 x .30

How should I modify my comp for woods riding. My idea is to remove 2-3 40.2 face shims from compression and add a smaller clamp shim- what size shim would you recommend? maybe 22.25 or even 21.25. Should I alter any of the High speed shims?


I'm not sure how I should modify the rebound for woods riding. I have heard to substitute some 36.3 shims instead of the 36.2 face shims, how many should I substitute? also should I keep the 22.3 clamp shim- stock uses a 21.3 clamp shim


I just need to know what to do so I can purchase the needed shims. I also don't have a problem paying for your advice as this forum has been extremely helpful to me.


Thanks in advance


Your ex stack and piston will soften it up a fair amount , I would only remove a few face shims as the changes you have made will soften it already

Thanks mog. What do you recommend for the rebound stack? I have to run the rebound clicker nearly fully open for a compliant ride.

I would keep the reb stack as it is for the first ride.


Could be that you feel the shock more compliant because of the bleed on compression due to the open clicker.


Your cadj. most - as mog already said -  will soften up your shock by a significant amount.

Does it feel good at fully open as I would not expect it to

It does not feel good fully open. I must run it like that to get soft compression even though its then lacking rebound. I need to find a compromise between the two.

Typically for a woods re-valve what is done to the rebound stack?

For woods down here in Sandville Florida with lots of whoops, we like lots of rebound:) Both LS rebound and HS rebound. And soft compression stroke modifications just as you are doing now.



Most riders sit down alot while woods racing so the added rebound helps keep the bike in controll.






It does not feel good fully open. I must run it like that to get soft compression even though its then lacking rebound. I need to find a compromise between the two.
Typically for a woods re-valve what is done to the rebound stack?

As mike said most people like more rebound than the yzf gives , the degree of how much varies a lot , I would add a few extra 0.2 face shims

Great info guys, the bike does have 1 extra rebound face shim then stock, so you would recommend another. I'm good with woods shock compression but I'm still pretty new on modifying the rebound for woods.

What should I do for my rebound clamp shim? Mine has a 22.3 silver shim. Stock uses a 21.3 but mines gone.

Should I leave my 22.3 or use something else?

Add another 2 face shims and leave the clamp as it is

Sounds good to me:)

Add another 2 face shims and leave the clamp as it is

Thanks for the recommendation. I will add the 2 36.2 face shims and leave the clamp alone. Thanks for the advice everyone!

My local tuner who I am trying to purchase shims from doesnt have any 9 mm x .2mm shims for the face shim of the shock exchange stack. He does have 9.15, will this be ok or should I go elsewhere to find the 9.2?



Tuner called me back. He did find a 9.2 face shim for the exchange stack.

He has everything but one 18.2 with a 6 mm ID for the exchange stack.

Can I please purchase one 18 x .2 x 6 mm ID from somebody here? I will pay shipping. and I have paypal

I would appreciate it.

You can purchase shims from MX Tech.

I checked Into mx tech, but its $8 shipping for a $2 shim. If anyone can help out I'd gladly pay you for your time.


Pm me your address, I got one ill mail you for free

Thanks for the offer! I don't have a problem paying you for it. I have paypal just tell me what you want, I have paypal. I'm having a problem with Pm's on my computer- keeps saying server error. Hopefully the mods won't have a problem with me posting my address here.

Ryan Hospodavis

6420 Gallop road

Harrisburg pa 17111

Thanks once again!

Will be in mail mon

Thank you I really appreciate it. I am glad to pay you, please let me know what you want and I can paypal it to you

Im not worried about it, hopefully it will be jist what you need

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