Supertrap exhaust, jetting and fine-tuning

I just bought a DRZ 400 S, and want to perform a few basic mods, based on the collective experiences and positive outcomes I've read on his forum.  I'm and older guy, and familiar with Supertrapp exhaust systems (I used these a lot on big-bore 4 strokes back in the 80's).  I like the diffuser disc design, allowing for adjustment of exhaust flow and back-pressure allowing for shifting the power-band around an RPM range by adding/subtracting discs (and they sound great).  I have not seen any posts regarding this type of exhaust, and would love to hear of anyone using one.   


I'm also curious if anyone has tuned their post-mods using an EGA to quantify the actual stoichiometric ratio.  It would be the only way to know if the tune is actually at, or close to an optimal stoichiometric A/F ratio of 14.7:1.











Tons of posts on the AF mixture tuning.

You should look in the DRZ forum for posts dating back about 8 years.

Supertrapp exhausts are out of favor for a number of reasons, the largest one being the spreading of heat in all directions, damaging plastics....and that there is not one properly tuned on the marked for the low-compression DRZ  motor...

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