CR500 AF question

I just finished a CR500 AF project by using a 2002 CR250 that I picked up for $700. That 02 motor just needed a cylinder re-plate job, piston etc, which I have had done. My question is that now that I have the 500 motor wedged into the 250 frame, has anyone ever heard of someone putting the left over 250 motor in the left over 500 frame? I mean, I'm sitting here with a 2002 CR motor with a new top end and a super clean 97 CR500 frame with asv levers, perfect rims, skid plate etc., seems like that could make a decent machine for a novice rider, or perhaps a loaner bike. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Yea ive seen it done before in Aus........its the opposite of the hybrid..........we call it the lowbrid!


Its not a bad idea........a bloke i know had a KX 500

roller with the leftover KX 250 motor in it. He basically needed the money to fininsh of the hybrid bike so he threw the lowbrid together and sold it cheap!

The buyer was stoked, he had a decent bike with a 250 engine and a massive 10 litre tank, which was perfect for trail riding etc......

So, i would go for it, the extra cash earned will pay for any bling parts required to finish off your AF500

250 engine on ebay could probly fetch $800 in good shape. putting it back in that god for saken 500 chassis is the last thing i would do

I've got a CR125 chassis I'd like to put that engine in...

I call that the Junkmans Itch.

I appreciate all the replies. Plynn42, I live in Tulsa. I'm going to mull this over. I know that the 97 500 bikes don't handle all that well. I just still hate to see it go to waste. There can't be too much of a market for those things. Naturally, I wouldn't need any of the electronic powervalve parts. I don't have the cylinder on it right now. I figured not having it on there might give someone a chance to assess at least some of the internals with the rod being right there. Plus, how many times have you bought a bike where it was advertised as having a new top end only to find out otherwise. This was someone can just look at the cylinder and new piston.




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