I have always generally been a sports bike rider and recently sold my ZX10R when i moved back home to Africa as the roads in Zimbabwe are not sports bike friendly at ALL! I am looking to get an enduro bike that i can use a bit on the street too in my very small town of Victoria Falls. It will be more off road riding though in the surrounding bush. I am wanting a 450 or bigger and there are so many options out there. I am leaning towards a KTM 530 at the moment but would greatly appreciate and advice on what to be looking at.I will be buying a second hand bike from South Africa and it will probably end up being 3-4 Years old as that is what my budget allows right now I am wanting something that will not need to much maintenance as i am no mechanic but can handle basic stuff fine. No bike mechanics in Victoria Falls...just a lot of Elephants out on the tracks i will be riding!! Any advice will be greatly appreciated. 

CRF or WR 450

Although I love KTM I would never buy one used. Unless from a buddy I knew took good care of it. WR450 or crf450x would be a better option. I would do the wr if it was me. Less valve issues

Wr 450 every time for what you want


Does anyone have any experience on the KLX 450R? I have always been a Kawa man when it came to sports bikes? Seams like the WR is in favour though??

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