Why is it so difficult?

I just bought an 88 XT600UC and I am in the process of restoring it. My question is, "why is it so difficult to get any kind of manuals (no, I don't like Clymer, history of wrong info) or specs on this year XT600? It is almost like this bike didn't exist, or am I just blind? Looking for parts for this year is equally difficult, I have had to cross reference part numbers with other years just to get the correct parts. How are the rest of you doing it with this model?

I searched myself for a factory manual , I think I did find some but I also found some new republished factory manuals that were a bit cheaper. They are pretty good but not as good of picture detail and not entirly the same as factory but better than Clymer POS's.

I'm like you, I won't even take a Clymer(or Haynes) when given for free, not worth the frustration and all the missing info. If I had to do it again I would continue searching for the factory ones (even used),don't bother getting one of those CD or download versions either, I attempted 4 of them for various bikes trying to get different models and interchangeability, only 1 was usable and it has crumby pics and hard to read. 

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Try these guys; they have not only factory manuals (authorized reprints) but quite a few warehouses of NOS parts. It is their claim to fame.



Well, is it still difficult?


My take on Clymer and or Haynes manuals: If you choose this route over the factory manual, you get what you get. People do this for several reasons, but the primary one is price. Some only need the specs, not the whole blow by blow account for every little job. It works fine for them. I'm one of those guys. If I have the exploded parts diagram and a brief disassembly/assembly guide, plus specs, I'm happy. I already am familiar with the rest, and don't really need it. So I don't care either way.


However, if you do need every portion of every step, they are not the choice. That is true in the auto world with Chilton Manuals. The factory manual is costly due to the level of information. It is the guide of guides. So get the factory manual. I've given the link where you can get one. So the problem should be solved.

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