Hi all very hard to find pro Hondalock 2HT and the medium and high strength threadlock but i can get Abrolok Red and Abrolok blue i want to put threadlock on the screws that hold the bearing inside the crankcase and on new cylinder head studs has anyone used this stuff with good results do not want the screws comming loose inside the transmission area nore the barrel studs for that matter any help would be good UK BASED

Does your manual call for thread lock? Red Locktite scares me as you have to heat the stuff up for either to break loose...

hi yes it does say use threadlock

if you are talking about the retainer lock for the bearings, yes you need lokctight but blue. not red. and no, dont put threadlockers on cylinder nuts or bolts or studs.

If the red stuff is equivalent to Loctite red, you risk stripping the aluminium threads when remroving the part.  The blue stuff is generalely safe.

thank you very much great help 

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