help! subframe and exhaust and plastics 07 rm250

hi all, im new to this so bare with me! i just supermaned of a jump on my second time on the track and wrecked my bike,( and myself) its a 07 rm250. can anyone tell me what subframe/ exhaust/ plastics will fit my bike?? will rmz stuff fit? im on a tight budget at mo any help welcome, cheers guys!!

As far as I know, subframe & exhaust are RM250 only. Plastics are the same as RM125. All from about 04 onwards should be ok, maybe earlier. 

All subframes will bolt up, but there are slight differences in the mounting tabs for the airbox. I just bolted a 01 125 subframe on my 04 250. Nothing from the rmz will work, my riding buddy has the 04 rmz250 in pieces (of course) and everything that I have tried from it will not work on the 250, even shifter and rear brake pedal. Not sure on exhaust between a 125 and a 250, and have not personally tried plastics between a 125 and a 250, but it looks like it would work.

cheers lads i will keep looking

Most of the time you can straighten the sub frame unless It's really bad.


Full plastics kit shouldn't cost too much. I get mine through BTO sports but there's plenty on Flea-Bay as well which may be slightly cheaper.


Free Tip! Sometimes you need to slow down to go faster   :thumbsup:.

Concentrate on being smooth mate. speed will come with that. It's all about line choice on an MX track. 


Hope you're back on the bike soon :ride: .

yeah its pretty bad, both exhaust lugs snaped, and big crack on bottom section! apparantly bike fliped end over end 3 times! hope forks and bars are ok! if i get the parts this week am planing to get out sunday! will be slow tho! can barely work at the minuite

any one know any diecent dirtbike breakers?

ebay, pretty much any 2003 newer rm250 stuff with work.  2005 stuff will 100%

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