Warp 9 wheel vs Pro series wheel

Anyone have any experience in comparison between these two wheels.

I have warp 9, R.A.D., and excel/talon wheels. All I know is, my excel rims are bent and spokes are broken.

My RAD wheels are straight and true and take a beating at a fraction of the cost of the excels.

Just ordered some warp 9s and another set of stock wheels. I'll let you know what I experience.

Seems to me that stock are the most durable. But not the prettiest.

i have blown pro wheels apart. two fronts and one rear. i would never buy their product(s) again.

one set of warp 9's and they are still fine. they are now on my cr due to the 13 rear hub. talked to kevin at warp 9 and have another set coming for my 13. dude seems legit and solid. i am a warp 9 customer.

i ride motocross and cross country.

Here's another option.




I saw one of the pro guys we traveled with this season had these on his KTM. I thought maybe they were another  KTM specialty item. I had never heard of WCA before seeing them on his KTM. I kept meaning to ask him about them, but at those things there's no time for small talk. They lasted him the season. If anybody knows anything about WCA please chime in. The price is reasonable. And at that price they could be tossed out with the trash and replaced if damaged.

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