2002 DR200 - tail light and right blinker have no response!

While riding someone indicated to me that my rear lights were out. Upon inspection I realized my tail light & tail right blinker do not work at all. I have verified the bulbs are good and for some reason the left blinkers and front work fine. The front right blinker does stay on but no blink when right blinkers are initiated.


I think it may be related to the intense vibrations possibly and oddly it seems like the rear tail light may have blinked on rarely like a loose connection but under the seat all connectors appear fine! Also not really sure where ground would be or how to test it :/

Any help would be highly appreciated! I just would like any insight to ideas or even diagrams or manuals. 
I have no idea where to find the ground. Any supplement files highly appreciated as well


Okay I haved checked further and the grounds on the engine look fine, the 20a fuse is fine, and my only inquiry now is after checking the sidekick relay & blinker relay (seated just behind the carriage where the battery lays) it appears that something could be missing??


I would like to confirm if something could be missing before I consider a defective relay. I doubt the tail liht and right blinker are failing due to the bulb housing due to the front right blinker stays constantly on.. The right blinker would work fine too I would assume.


If someone has a dr200 please look into it and refer to my pics attached.




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That black wire with white stripe looks a lot like the ground feed to the light solenoid. Try using a alligator clip wire feed to the ground side of the light in question & see if it works. Looks like  the ground came apart that feeds that side of the lighting.

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