$2500 to 3000k for a 250 trail. Which one?

I currently own a 2007 Aluminum frame WR450. Love the bike and reliability. This bike is for my son. I would go with a 2007 WR250, but there holding their value way above my price range.

Not sure to go with steel frame WR or find a 06 to 07 250x that's resolved the valve issues. Don't know to much about kawi or Suzuki in that price range.

Also I can find 07 250r and yz250 all over for around 3k, but the trail bikes get premium dollar here. What's your thoughts on these and maybe changing the gearing, etc for a better trail bike. Lights don't matter to me.

What about the KDX 200 ?

Ya I've started looking at those. Not many around. Is the 2006 the last year they made them?

Not sure , if you can find a nice one .. Grab it

I have a few months, I'll look for one. Can anybody tell me also the good years for a KTM 250 XC? 2003 to 2007. That probably where I'm at in price range.

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